Kids Academy

At Ghurudev , we know that, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy”. The importance of play and fun in learning cannot be over-stressed. That is why, we provide play group classes for your kids.


Why Choose Us

The main purpose of building the institute was to develop a pleasant atmosphere in guiding the students for their future visions. We have produced great results not only from commendable student but also from an average once.

School Tuitions

We are a private educational school that provides tutoring in a range of areas along with exam and test preparation.Much of the time, we provide students with education in small groups that is convenient for both the tutor and the student.

Quality Education For All

The primary objective of developing the institute was to provide a pleasant experience in which students could be inspired towards their future goals. We have achieved outstanding results from our students.

Our goal is to assist every student in achieving their best academic potential.

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Our Feautures

Experienced Faculties

All our teachers are highly experienced in their profile with the ability to get better results from the students.

Periodic Tests

We conduct periodic test to understand the student knowledge and fix our teaching methodologies.

Soft Skills

Not only conducting tests we also help students personal skills like removing stage fear by means of seminar.

Calm Environment

We keep our environment so pleasent so thet the students can study freely,we always make sure the tuition should be clean and calm.

Study Materials

We give best study materials to our students that helps them to understand the concept clearly and it gives confident to face the exam.

Quality teaching

A small river named Dudden flows by their place and supplies it with the neccessary regelia.It is a paradise.

Learning Paths For Remote

As the world changes and flexible education options become more important, many schools are offering remote course delivery. For maximum flexible. Ghurudev’s attendance options include 100% online, in person, in a remote synchronous mode in connected classroom settings or a combination. So, what does “remote” mean? Many students may immediately think of an online course format, however, remote learning doesn’t necessarily follow the same structure.

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10th students Marks after joining


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Qualified Teachers



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